Jan. 8-10 2016 at Michindoh Conference Center.

Get ready to experience the Lord powerfully with brothers and sisters in UCO from all over North America!


The theme of this year’s UCO Winter Retreat is “Into the Deep.” We believe that the Lord is calling us to something greater, something unfathomable, something more than what we’ve known before, both as individuals and as a body. He is calling us to cast our lives into deeper waters than before (Luke 5:4); waters into which we have yet to venture. There is a higher call, a deeper dwelling, and a wider vision for our lives that the Lord is inviting us to explore during this weekend.

The world offers safety, the allure of pride, and the security of what is known and comfortable. But we were not made for comfort or pride or even security — we were made for greatness. When we step out into the unknown — into the deep — we need courage, boldness, and a profoundly clear invitation from the Lord of the universe. We believe that He is issuing that call to us — to come and step out of the boat, to jump off the cliff, to so wrap ourselves in the mystery of His grace and power that we cannot walk away unchanged.

This is the invitation, and it comes with a message: wherever you are, however you are doing in your journey of faith and discipleship, the Lord has more for you. Will you answer the call? Will you join your brothers and sisters, united as UCO from all across North America, as we go Into the Deep?

Into The Deep

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